Skeletal Warriors

These mythical warriors are said to be human skeletons armed with daggers, spears, swords, helmets and shields.  Their arsenal of weaponry is equal to any that was used by a living soldier of battle from any army that ever existed.

Sometimes their weapons are even fused to their bones.  They also sometimes ride armored skeletal war horses into battle.

These fantasy warriors are said to be the remains of dead heroes and soldiers of previously destroyed armies.  They are only brought back to life for wicked purposes by evil magicians and wizards.  They can form a powerful army and use their inhuman strength to destroy and conquer all who oppose them.

These deceased heroes and warriors are stronger than when they were alive – when they are revived they are also equipped with supernatural strength.  They are also capable of casting magic spells taught to them by the wizards that revived them.

In some stories, the wizard controls these undead soldiers by keeping their souls inside golden amulets.  He can control them to appear in battles, forming rows upon rows of soldiers ready to defeat the magician’s opponents.

According to Roman Mythology, these revived bony corpses were said to be the body guards of the gods in Ancient Roman.  They protected Dis Pater, the god of the underworld and Hecate.  In ancient Roman Mythology, Hecate was the goddess of magic and of the Moon.

Skeleton warriors were also mentioned in war stories as a way to show that death was inevitable during any battle.  Such stories tell of these undead warriors riding in the middle of the battlefield on their skeletal war horses between both armies and randomly striking men dead from either side.

Similar to the stories of the Grim Reaper, these armored and bony warriors were referred to as an omen of death.


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