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Wraiths Mythical Creatures And Beasts

Wraiths can appear in many forms.  They are often portrayed as dark shadow-like entities wearing black, hooded cloaks. If seen, their arms and legs are bony and corpse like.  Their faces can be skeletal-looking or like endless black holes hiding…


Wendigo Mythical Creatures And Beasts

Wendigo have a very thin and skin on bone appearance.  This eerie mythical creature also has a disfigured face with sunken eyes and sharp distorted teeth. Sometimes it is said to have a heart of pure ice.  Because it is…

Skeletal Warriors

Skeletal Warriors Mythical Creatures And Beasts

These mythical warriors are said to be human skeletons armed with daggers, spears, swords, helmets and shields.  Their arsenal of weaponry is equal to any that was used by a living soldier of battle from any army that ever existed. …