Mythical Hybrids

Mythical Hybrids A-Z List

Adaro – The Adaro are mean half-man and half fish spirits. They had the overall shape of a human male with gills behind their ears and a shark-like dorsal fin on their backs. They also had fins for feet and a spear growing out of their head.

They would live in the Sun and travel back and forth to earth on rainbows. These hybrid creatures were known to kill humans by shooting poisonous flying fish into their necks.

Source:  Ancient Mythology

Alkonost – The Alkonost is described as having the body of a bird with the head of a beautiful woman. It can make sounds that are so beautiful that whom ever hears them is mesmerized.

Source:  Russian Folklore

Anubis – Tall human male with the head of a jackal

Merlion – This mythical hybrid has the head of a lion and the body of a large fish. This creature is used as the mascot of Singapore.

Source:  Asian Mythology


Serpopard – The Serpopard had the head of a falcon, a snake-like neck, the body of a leopard and some wings. Some depictions of this strange creature have it resembling more like a long-necked lioness.

Source:  Egyptian Mythology