Mythical Creatures A-Z

A complete list of all mythological creatures and beasts that are and ever were is simply too massive to even try to compile onto one site and still be able to give each creature the spotlight it deserves.

There are many variations and recorded facts on each and every creature – and yes, some are in fact much more popular than others and information is more easily found.

Sometimes, the recorded history on these mythical beings changes the image we had envisioned of a particular being and it’s purpose. Here is a compilation of few of the ones that we have found to be especially interesting and captivating. 

Mythical Creatures A-Z List

Abominable Snowman – Giant human-like body, white shaggy fur, big feet

Aigamuxa – Human-like mythical creatures with eyes on their feet

Amarok – Gigantic wolf that hunts alone

Amphisbaena – Snake with a head at each end

Antmen – Four weapon bearing arms, red eyes and a crushing jaw

Yeti Picture Mythical Creatures And Beasts

Abominable Snowman

Bonnacon – Wild bull-like creature with horns

Bunyip – Large water monster, huge mouth, crocodile tail


Caladrius – The Caladrius is a snow-white bird that will refuse to look at anyone who is ill and dying. It is also said to be able to cure a sick individual by taking their illness onto itself. It then flies away dispersing the sickness, purging and curing itself in the process.

Source:  Roman Mythology

Camazotz – Gigantic vampire bat

Cerastes – This large serpent was said to be incredibly flexible. It would lie in the sand with only its horns sticking out waiting for its victims. It is described as either having two large ram-like horns or four smaller horns.

Source:  Greek Mythology

Cyclopes – Giants with only one eye

Fenrir – Large wolf from Norse Mythology

Jack-O-Lantern – A carved out and sometimes possessed vegetable or pumpkin head

Kelpie – Deadly shape-shifting water pony

Kludde – Though the Kludde is usually described as being a large black dog, it can also have the appearance of a horse, cat, bat or even a frog. It is identified by the blue flame that flickers about its head and the sound of rattling chains. This beast jumps on the back of travelers that venture onto lonely roads and tears them apart with its sharp teeth and claws.

Source:  Belgian Folklore

Mongolian Death WormLarge worm with a slimy red body with very long fangs

Valkyrie – A Valkyrja is a term used to describe an often beautiful female figure that is also a soldier of battle.