Fictional Characters

Fictional characters can include imaginary persons, creatures, monsters and beasts.  We decided to build a page & listing for these as there are so many.  They can be found in the novels we have read and in some of the movies & shows we have watched.

These fictional characters do not necessarily fall into the category of being mythical or a folkloric legend.  We find them way too fascinating & unforgettable to not include them on our website.

Creatures, beasts and monsters of the mind created to build a story that are described in word leave it up to the reader to imagine what they might look, sound and move like.  The ones included in film give you a visual of what an individual’s interpretation is of the character.

Have you ever ready a novel or short story, eagerly awaited to see the movie and watch a fictional character in action only to be disappointed by the interpretation used?  Have you ever been truly amazed that someone was able to realize a visual of a creature that totally met or went above your expectations?


Candyman – Vengeful ghost of a man with a large hook on his right arm

Cenobite – Creatures with scars; punctured & sliced flesh all covered with ash

Cthulhu – Large green body, long tentacles, wings and talons

Fictional Character Cthulhu

Graboids – Gigantic killer worms with a beak and long tentacles

Jabba the Hutt – Disgusting overgrown space worm

Smaug – Large, fire breathing dragon with indestructible armor


The Unnamable – Devil-like creature with horns and hooves

Vermithrax – 400-year-old dragon with wings & a long tail

Xenomorph – Alien creature with a cylinder-shaped head, sharp claws and a spiked tail

Fictional Characters - Test Your Knowledge!

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H.P. Lovecraft Cthulthu

H.P. Lovecraft Quiz

Short Quiz - Five Questions

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H.P. Lovecraft stands for

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Where was H.P. Lovecraft from?

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The Unnamable was written in September

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H.P. Lovecraft’s novella The Dunwich Horror first appeared in which publication?

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What is the title of the first short story published by Lovecraft?

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