Fictional Characters

Fictional characters span a wide range of fascinating entities, from mythical creatures and fearsome monsters to fantastical beasts and otherworldly beings. We’ve dedicated a section of our site to these captivating figures, drawn from the novels we’ve read and the films and shows we’ve watched.

While these imaginary characters might not always be classified as mythical or folkloric legends, their compelling nature makes them unforgettable. They deserve a place on our website to celebrate their impact on our imaginations.

Literary descriptions of these creatures leave much to the reader’s imagination, allowing each person to envision their appearance, sounds, and movements uniquely. On the other hand, film adaptations offer a visual interpretation, bringing these characters to life through someone else’s creative lens.

Authors and filmmakers have given us some of the most iconic fictional characters. H.P. Lovecraft introduced us to the eldritch horrors of the Cthulhi, Steven King terrified us with Pennywise the Clown and Kurt Barlow, while Wes Craven brought our nightmares to life with Freddy Krueger. These creators have shaped our nightmares and dreams, crafting unforgettable figures that continue to captivate and haunt us.

Have you ever eagerly awaited a movie adaptation of a novel, only to feel let down by how a beloved character was portrayed on screen? Or perhaps you’ve been amazed at how perfectly a creature matched or even exceeded your expectations? Explore our collection and revisit these extraordinary characters that have sparked our imagination and yours.


Candyman – Vengeful ghost of a man with a large hook on his right arm

Cenobite – Creatures with scars; punctured & sliced flesh all covered with ash

Cthulhu – A large green body, long tentacles, wings and talons

Fictional Character Cthulhu

Graboids – Gigantic killer worms with a beak and long tentacles

Jabba the Hutt – Disgusting overgrown space worm

Smaug – Large, fire breathing dragon with indestructible armor


The Unnamable – From the imagination of H.P. Lovecraft.  A devil-like creature with horns and hooves

Vermithrax – 400-year-old dragon with wings & a long tail

Xenomorph – Alien creature with a cylinder-shaped head, sharp claws and a spiked tail

The Unnamable - H.P. Lovecraft
The Unnamable

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