The Aswang is a vampire-like witch that is also capable of shape-shifting.  A common description of the Asuwang is of a witch with leathery wings and sharp fangs.

It is also described appearing as a bat, dog or snake.  This creature would stalk its victims at night, creepily walking with its feet facing backwards.

These predatory mythical creatures are also known to rob graves and eat the dead bodies they find within.  They then replace the corpses with a banana tree carving that resembles the deceased they just consumed.

Some believe the Aswang assume regular human bodies and carry on amongst the living during the day but turn into their blood-thirsty monstrous state at night.

It is said that having a bowl of coconut oil could warn against the presence of these deadly creatures. The oil would start to heat up and boil the closer one of these monsters would approach.

Throwing salt would burn their skin and a pouch filled with ginger and coins would help keep them away.