Wraiths can appear in many forms.  They are often portrayed as dark shadow-like entities wearing black, hooded cloaks.

If seen, their arms and legs are bony and corpse like.  Their faces can be skeletal-looking or like endless black holes hiding inside their black hoods.

They also appear as shapeless shadows and dark figures just hiding in the night in dark unknown places, waiting to capture the soul of anyone that crosses their path.

Wraiths are described as full of devastation and fury.  These evil monsters are also intelligent.  They will sometimes act with grudge against specific individuals and will seek them out until they have captured their target’s soul.

They float around likes shadows moving about at their will; with speed and they always fill the air with hate, sorrow, and doom.

Their presence causes the skies to suddenly darken and the air to chill.  The atmosphere always becomes void of any life and hope.

These ghosts are evil to the core.  They drain the life out of anything they touch, leaving bodies lifeless and without a soul.

These malevolent beings float about the world constantly searching for souls to capture and become part of their doom.  Once they have captured one’s soul, the victim is condemned to wander endlessly with them as part of their clan.

Ancient folklore describes these evil ghosts as the twisted souls of beings that were once human but have been condemned to never reach the spirit realm.

When these ghosts become angry, they can unleash powerful waves of energy with their hate and can drain entire villages of the will to live and take their souls.

They cannot be killed; weapons simply pass through them.  Wraiths can only be driven away elsewhere, to torment and victimize others.

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