Did you say Witches?  The time has arrived!  We have decided that these powerful, beautiful or sometimes horribly ugly ladies deserve a section all to themselves.

These popular ladies can be found and are a part of numerous familiar stories and fairy tales.  Sometimes they are friendly and helpful and other times downright evil, angry and bitter.

Being part of a fairy tale or story is one thing – but these women were also part of real life occurrences.  In the 1400’s, they were deemed as true beings living amongst the general population.

Witches in Foggy Forest

Whether capable of positive or negative sorcery, these ladies were not usually welcome in any community.

History tells us of numerous accounts of citizens going to great lengths to eradicate any woman suspected of any kind of magic.  The burning of individuals accused of sorcery was at one point in time, a little too common place of an event.

In 1487, Heinrich Kramer wrote a manual called “Malleus Maleficarum” that explained how to identify witches and how to destroy them.  This novel was used by the Inquisition to hunt down and prosecute individuals suspected of witchery.


If things went wrong, sickness, poor crops  – must be a witches curse.  Persons dying from causes that could not be explained – black magic and sorcery were quickly blamed as the cause.  A seemingly happy family man was to suddenly commit adultery or murder – hmmm.  It must have been caused by a spell or some sort of evil magic.

At one point in time, it was far too easy to blame a sorceress for any of life’s negative occurrences.  They were even once thought of as being in league with the Devil and part of his army against the Christians.  In other accounts, they declared them as an evil force acting all on their own to cause misery, chaos and destruction among society.

Please enjoy our collection of magical ladies and hags found below.


Witches A-Z List

Aswang – Evil vampire-like creature

Baba Yaga – Frail looking woman with jewelry made of bones

Black Annis – Blue faced old hag with sharp iron claws

Baba Yaga's House
Baba Yaga's House

Grey Sisters – Three sisters that share one eye

Jadis the White Witch – The witch who froze Narnia into the Hundred Years of Winter.  C.S. Lewis’s series – The Chronicles of Narnia

Moll Dyer – A malevolent spirit that haunts the land around her wooded cabin situated in Maryland USA

Morgan Le Fay – Enchantress capable of shape-shifting

Wicked Witch of the West – From the famous novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz