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Owl Picture Mythical Creatures And Beasts


The owlman is a human sized monstrous owl with red glowing eyes. It gives a stare that leaves whoever encounters…

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Candyman Bees Mythical Creatures And Beasts


Candyman, then known as Daniel Robitaille, was the son of a prosperous slave during the Civil War.  This status enabled…

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Fenrir Sketch Mythical Creatures And Beasts


Fenrir was one of the sons conceived by the very devious Norse god known as Loki. This gigantic lupine was…

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Graboids Sketch Mythical Creatures And Beasts


Their beaks and hooked mandibles open like an enormous monstrous blooming flower.  Once their mouths are opened, threatening tentacles emerge…

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In Mayan Mythology, this evil mythical creature was a gigantic vampire bat said to be the same size as that…

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