Mythical News



Wraiths can appear in many forms.  They are often portrayed as dark shadow-like entities wearing black, hooded cloaks. If seen,…

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Kelpie The Kelpie often appears with its mane dripping with water, standing near a freshwater stream, river or lake. It…

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Krampus Snowy Evening


Can you imagine Christmas without Santa Clause?  Or of an evil & frightening character, the polar opposite of this positive…

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Manticore Mythical Creatures And Beasts


The Manticore had the deformed head of a human, similar to that of an ogre.  Inside it’s over-sized mouth were…

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Cyclopes Mythical Creatures And Beasts


Cyclopes are odd and usually scary looking.  These mythical monsters were enormous giants with just one large eyeball to see…

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Wendigo have a very thin and skin on bone appearance.  This eerie mythical creature also has a disfigured face with…

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Vermithrax Mythical Creatures And Beasts


Vermithrax Pejorative was a fire-breathing dragon with huge bat-like wings as forearms, hind legs and a tail.  The description is…

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